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Thank you for your interest in writing for the Practyce blog! Your words will inspire, uplift, and help our readers in a real-life kind of way. We love to hear what you have to say and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Please review the Writing Guidelines below before submitting your article.

Writing Guidelines

  • Blog post minimum of 600 words.
  • If you want to include images, please provide a link to your source, or have them in your blog post submission.
  • Please ensure that your blog post and any images you may use do not infringe the copyright or trademark rights of any other person and that they do not contain confidential information.
  • Avoid dogmatic terms that suggest there is a “right,” “proper,” “correct,” or “best” way to do any posture or practice. Your words encourage readers to discover their personal practice and what is best for their body, constitution, lifestyle, etc.
  • Do not include any medical advice whatsoever in your blog post unless.
  • We do not allow paid backlinks. However, we allow external links to relevant and educational information that supports your blog post.
  • By posting a blog, you are accepting our Terms of Use. You agree that your content does not infringe any intellectual property rights, that we have the perpetual but non-exclusive right to use your content forever, and that we have the right to remove your content at any time. Please see Terms of Use-User Content for more information.


  1. Is my blog post guaranteed to be published?
    • We would love to publish all submitted blog posts. However, we only publish posts that meet our writing standards and are relevant to our community.  Our editors will work with you to improve your post if we decide to publish it.
  2. How long before I know if my blog post will be published?
    • We will try to get back to you within 72 hours. Please send a follow-up email if you don't hear back ten days after your submission. If we accept your piece, it will be published 3-4 weeks after submission.
  3. Can I submit a blog post to that I published elsewhere?
    • Yes you may but we give preference to blog posts that are not published elsewhere.
  4. Can I share my published blog post with other sites?
    • Although you are giving us a non-exclusive license to use your post, we would prefer that you do not publish your post elsewhere.
  5. Do I get paid for these blog posts?
    • We have partnered with to give you a gift card to reward you for your time if we decide to publish your piece. We only pay cash compensation for posts by special invitation made to select authors.

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