“I wouldn’t have the success that I did without yoga.”

Rebecca Soni

6x Olympic Medalist


“I’ve been practicing yoga for 27 years. It is my go-to feel-good workout.”

Mel Stewart

3x Olympic Medalist, Cofounder


“Yoga is healing for my mind and my body, and it helps me feel confident in training.”

Alex Walsh

2020 Olympic Silver Medalist

Benefits of Yoga for Swimmers

  • Flexibility

    Yoga enhances flexibility, leading to smoother strokes and less injuries.

  • Core Strength

    This practice strengthens your core for streamlined swimming.

  • Breath Control

    Improved lung capacity and breath control, improves swim performance.

  • Balance and Stability

    Increase your balance and power in and out of the pool.

  • Mental Focus

    Enhance your concentration during races and under pressure.

  • Stress Relief

    Yoga eases anxiety and tension, promoting better sleep and recovery.

  • Injury Prevention

    Improved muscle resiliency, posture, and joint health, reduces injury risk.

  • Enhanced Proprioception

    Heighten your body awareness, aiding adjustments in the water.

  • Stamina

    Improved breathing, strength, flexibility, and focus increase stamina.

  • Complement to Swim Training

    Yoga offers a full-body workout to create a balanced fitness regimen.

  • Improved Recovery

    Enhanced circulation, faster muscle recovery, and post-swim relaxation.

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Advantages of Online Yoga for Swimmers

  • Instant access to classes tailored to your needs, making it easier to integrate yoga into your routine.
  • Yoga on the pool deck or anywhere to optimize your pre and post-swim routines.
  • On-demand yoga lets you develop a consistent focus on improving stamina, flexibility, core strength, and recovery.

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